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Jimmy Butler Reportedly Turned Down Offer From Minnesota Timberwolves

jimmy butler speaks after minnesota's nba playoffs loss

We've reached what could be considered the peak of the NBA offseason. Free agency started nearly two weeks ago, and the rumors of potential trades and signings grows exponentially each day.

Minnesota Timberwolves star Jimmy Butler has fueled those rumors more than once over the last two weeks. It seems each day, Butler finds a way to insert himself into the conversation by "liking" certain posts on social media.

Well, he just made headlines once again. Except this time, there's a more concrete answer to what might be inside his head - we're not trying to discern what his Instagram activity means.

On Friday afternoon it was reported that Butler turned down a deal from the Timberwolves that would lock him up for another four years.

Now, it makes sense fiscally for Butler to turn down the offer - he can make more on a deal after the upcoming season, should he stay healthy.

However, it's been reported that Butler is unhappy with several of the moves the Timberwolves' brass has made, including inking Andrew Wiggins to a significant deal. Another report stated Butler is fed up with Karl-Anthony Towns.

By turning down the Wolves here, Butler has fueled the rumors he plans to leave Minnesota after this season - potentially to join Kyrie Irving.

Stay tuned.