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Jimmy Butler Reportedly "Very Interested" In Miami Heat

Jimmy Butler dribbling the ball.

ORLANDO, FL - NOVEMBER 14: Jimmy Butler #23 of the Philadelphia 76ers is seen during a NBA game against the Orlando Magic at Amway Center on November 14, 2018 in Orlando, Florida. (Photo by Alex Menendez/Getty Images)

NBA free agency kicks off in just a few hours, but before the official news begins the rumors are running wild.

According to a new report from NBA insider Tim Reynolds, Philadelphia 76ers star Jimmy Butler is interested in a surprising destination.

Reynolds revealed Butler is "very interested" in a meeting with the Miami Heat. Butler's interest in Miami isn't new, but the Heat haven't been regarded as major players in NBA free agency this year.

However, the team is reportedly willing to open cap space to make a run at Jimmy Butler.

"Nothing has changed -- he's still "very interested" in Miami, per a source tonight, despite the obstacles that exist on the Heat deal-making fronts right now. He still wants to talk with the Heat," Reynolds reported on Friday.

Late Friday night, former Heat star Dwyane Wade and Jimmy Butler made an interesting exchange on Twitter. Wade revealed he would only come out of retirement to play for the Heat - if Butler joins him in Miami. Butler took note.

The Houston Rockets emerged as a contender to land Butler. Houston reportedly found a trade partner to take on Clint Capela - which is the next step in the process for the Rockets to open cap space.

Stay tuned for the latest.