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College Football World Reacts To The Jimmy Kimmel News

Jimmy Kimmel speaks before his show.

The college football world officially has a new bowl game sponsor.

Wednesday evening, late night television host Jimmy Kimmel announced that he is the sponsor of a new college football bowl game in Los Angeles.

"Finally, a college football bowl named after a human being…the inaugural Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl on December 18th at SoFi Stadium," Kimmel announced on Wednesday.

That's right - there will now be a college football bowl game named after Jimmy Kimmel. Seriously.

Here are the full details of the new bowl game:

College football fans

No joke: The new LA Bowl will be named the Jimmy Kimmel LA Bowl. It will be held at SoFi Stadium, featuring Mountain West’s No. 1 selection vs. Pac-12’s No. 5 selection. It debuts on Dec. 18

— Brett McMurphy (@Brett_McMurphy) June 17, 2021

">have taken to Twitter to point out how ridiculous it is that a bowl game can be named after a TV host, while it's taken forever for student-athletes to be able to profit off of their own name.

"I’m all for paying college players if we never have to put up with stupid stuff like this anymore…" one fan tweeted.

"the NCAA still hasn’t changed its rules to allow athletes to use their own names for profit and there’s a damn Jimmy Kimmel Bowl," another fan wrote.

"All the reason to start cutting these bowls down. People are whining about a 12 team playoff but are okay with having 100 watered down bowl games," one fan added.

"The NCAA is such a soulless cash grab just pay the damn players," another fan said.

The inaugural Jimmy Kimmel Bowl will be played on Dec. 18. Will you be watching?