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John Clayton Is Reportedly Launching His Own Football Website

John Clayton predicting NFL trades on ESPN.

John Clayton was laid off by ESPN last spring. Since then, he's embarked on a number of different media ventures.

It looks like he has a new one coming up. According to The Big Lead's Ryan Glasspiegel, Clayton is launching his own football website.

The website will be a subscription-based model, according to Glasspiegel, and is expected to be less than $10 per month.

Clayton’s vision for the site, according to the source, is coverage of gambling, fantasy, injuries, scouting and contracts, as well as traditional news and commentary, produced by a combination of experienced football reporters (including ESPN alumni) and people who held jobs in and around the NFL (agents, doctors, coaches, front office employees, etc).

Since losing his job at ESPN, Clayton has worked as a radio host in Seattle. He also has his own "SCHOOLED w/The Professor" podcast.

This month, Clayton began writing a weekly NFL column for the Washington Post.

Clayton is a well-respected veteran media member in NFL circles. Subscription-based sites seem to be the new media model, and Clayton appears to be banking on his brand and resume being able to attract writers and subscribers alike.

It will be interesting to see which writers Clayton hires to launch the project and how the site fares once it gets going.