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John Lynch Reveals Why The Jimmy Garoppolo Plan Changed

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo wears his uniform in Seattle.

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON - DECEMBER 29: Jimmy Garoppolo #10 of the San Francisco 49ers walks back to the huddle after a timeout during the second quarter of the game against the Seattle Seahawks at CenturyLink Field on December 29, 2019 in Seattle, Washington. The San Francisco 49ers top the Seattle Seahawks 26-21. (Photo by Alika Jenner/Getty Images)

Despite telling the media for months that the San Francisco 49ers were open to trading quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, general manager John Lynch instead signed him to a new deal - much to everyone's puzzlement.

Per Cam Inman of the San Jose Mercury News, Lynch said that there were serious trade talks around the time of the NFL Scouting Combine. However, those talks apparently stalled after news of Garoppolo's shoulder surgery became public.

Lynch made it clear that the team is happy with what they arrived at with Garoppolo in the end. He said the entire team is glad to have him back.

"Combine time, there were really serious talks. Probably 2-3 teams that I felt this was going to happen. That’s when news broke (of shoulder surgery). Then things went way they went. I’m glad we’ve arrived where we’re at... We're happy he's here," Lynch said.

Even though they've re-signed Jimmy Garoppolo, the San Francisco 49ers seem intent on moving forward with Trey Lance as their quarterback. But this time, they have an experienced backup who knows the offense backing him up.

Perhaps the decision to re-sign Garoppolo rather than cut him stems from a fear that Lance isn't completely ready to take the reins. But it could also be an expensive insurance policy to ensure that they have an experienced leader who can lead them into the playoffs in case Lance suffers an injury.

Whatever the reason is, the 49ers seem to have mended the seemingly-dead relationship with their former starter.

Will Garoppolo start any games for the 49ers this season?