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Juwan Howard Suspended: College Basketball World Reacts

Michigan head coach Juwan Howard

WEST LAFAYETTE, IN - FEBRUARY 05: Michigan Wolverines head coach Juwan Howard looks on during the college basketball game between the Michigan Wolverines and the Purdue Boilermakers on February 5, 2022, at Mackey Arena in West Lafayette, Indiana. (Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Juwan Howard will not go unpunished for his actions during Sunday's men's basketball game between the Universities of Michigan and Wisconsin. The Big Ten has suspended Howard five games, which just so happens to be through the end of the regular season.

"Michigan will suspend men’s basketball coach Juwan Howard for the rest of the regular season, a source tells Yahoo Sports," Dan Wetzel tweeted on Monday evening. 

The big question now is will Wisconsin men's basketball head coach Greg Gard be punished? Or how about any of the players who were involved in the scuffle?

Right now, a punishment has only been announced for Howard. This is despite the fact Gard placed hands on Howard first during the postgame handshake line.

Fans are a bit bothered only Howard has received a punishment so far.

"Two games would’ve sufficed but whatever," one fan tweeted. "What about the guys who put their hands on him first?!"

"Five games and hefty fines for Juwan Howard. And I imagine an understanding that it can never happen again," another fan wrote.

"Fair punishment. Wisconsin's coaching staff also deserves, at minimum, a reprimand," a fan said. 

Some are of the opinion Juwan Howard deserved a much more severe punishment. After all, he only threw gas on the fire when he struck a Wisconsin assistant coach on the head.

"What about the Big Ten tournament? He should be suspended through the remainder off all conference action," a fan tweeted.

"Zero accountability. Big Ten and Michigan are an embarrassment," one fan said. 

Whether you agree with the punishment or not, a five-game suspension sends a message. The University of Michigan is putting Juwan Howard on a short leash.

The head coach will return to his coaching duties when the Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament commences.