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Kevin Durant Appeared To Take A Shot At Patrick Beverley On Twitter

Kevin Durant argues with Patrick Beverley in playoffs.

Patrick Beverley has been making the media rounds on ESPN in recent days; taking shots at Chris Paul, Jayson Tatum and the entire Phoenix suns roster.

On Twitter, Nets superstar Kevin Durant fired back at Pat Bev with some subtle shots. First, he tweeted a screenshot of Kanye West's infamous "He running around like he pac" tweet.

Then, he replied to a fan laughing that role players are talking like they're All-Stars.

Beverley's had run-in's with plenty of star players over the years, including KD himself, when the Clippers and Warriors met in the 2019 playoffs.

The three-time All-Defensive team member hopped on ESPN's airwaves Monday to say Chris Paul "can't guard nobody," while comparing his defense to an orange training cone. Beverley also said that no one is afraid of the 64-win Suns.

He can’t guard. He literally can’t guard. He can’t … everyone knows that. CP can’t guard nobody man. Everybody in the NBA know that. Like in the summertime, you got a [training] cone. You make a move, and what does the cone do? ... He’s a cone. Stop playin’ man. Everyone knows that. Everyone knows that. Y’all don’t want to except that.

Patrick Beverley was already called out by Matt Barnes for his comments. Now it appears Kevin Durant is chiming in.