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Kevin Garnett Reveals If He's Interested In Celtics Job

A closeup of Kevin Garnett on the Celtics.

BOSTON, MA - APRIL 28: Kevin Garnett #5 of the Boston Celtics reacts following their overtime win against the New York Knicks during Game Four of the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals of the 2013 NBA Playoffs on April 28, 2013 at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)

The hunt for the Boston Celtics' next head coach is underway.

So far, plenty of potential names have been suggested -- both realistic and outlandish. One of those names was Celtics legend Kevin Garnett.

The retired superstar made sure to nip that rumor in the bud as soon as possible. Leaving no room for interpretation, KG responded to the "Big Ticket" coaching rumors.

“FREEEEEAAAKKINN NO.. AH HELL NAH!!” Garnett wrote on his Instagram story. “I’d be hired n fired all in the same week. COULDN’T COACH ISSHH .. I Kno my strengths.. I’m Knowledge, passionate, n Skilled!! You need a great deal of patience to Coach in any league! (Clapping emojis) to all the COACHES OUT THERE THAT PUT UP WITH SO (expletive) MUCH!! But it’s a no.. #stopasking”

On Wednesday morning, the Boston franchise released some league-shaking news. Danny Ainge has retired and longtime head coach Brad Stevens will take over his role as president of basketball operations.

While Garnett may not want the coaching gig, the Celtics are reportedly interested in a few other former players.

Ex-Bucks head coach Jason Kidd and Clippers assistant Chauncey Billups are reportedly both in the mix to land the coveted job. Former Celtics big man Kendrick Perkins believes his former championship teammate and current 76ers assistant, Sam Cassell, should be the "clear cut favorite" to take over the helm next season.

Garnett may be out as a head coach, but the 15-time All Star has been heavily involved in potential NBA ownership opportunities.