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Kirk Herbstreit Is Trashing The NFL For This Penalty Call

The NFL's new helmet rule has come under fire throughout this preseason. It has resulted in a ton of previously clean tackles and hits being called as penalties.

On Saturday, We might have seen the worst example of this new rule in action. The Minnesota Vikings were victimized by the call.

Here's the play:

Kirk Herbstreit is focused on college football for ESPN, but he obviously follows the NFL. You could say he isn't a fan of this new rule, at least how it was enforced yesterday. Herbstreit bashed the call on Twitter this morning, calling it "ridiculous."

It is hard to argue with Herbstreit's assessment. That was a brutal call.

The NFL is either going to have to ease up on the enforcement of the helmet rule when the regular season starts or risk major blowback when these calls start to impact the outcomes of important games.