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Kirk Herbstreit Appears To Call Out Jay Bilas On Twitter Regarding 'Pay The Players' Debate

kirk herbstreit looking very tan at the nfl draft


Kirk Herbstreit is ESPN's top college football analyst. Jay Bilas is ESPN's top college basketball analyst. It doesn't look like they see eye-to-eye on one of the major issues regarding collegiate athletics.

Bilas, for years, has been critical of the NCAA, suggesting that players should be compensated in some way. Sunday, after a Twitter user suggested Murray State star Ja Morant would not have turned into a star without the help of the NCAA, Bilas fired back, calling it "total nonsense."

Out of nowhere, Herbstreit responded to the tweet with a message: "Does it EVER STOP?!?!?"

It's unclear if these two have ever debated the whole 'pay the players' debate before. But it doesn't look like it's too far off in the horizon, if they haven't. Herbstreit, in the past, has made note of how upset he is that EA Sports no longer makes an NCAA football game after the Ed O'Bannon lawsuit. He's also tweeted, on occasion, that he believes players already are compensated.

Still, we're not sure he's ever put his full thoughts out there on the topic. Perhaps the time is coming.

So far, Bilas has yet to respond to Herbstreit. Clearly, this is a busy time of year for him, but it'll be interesting to see if he fires back.