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Kirk Herbstreit Reacts To College GameDay's Week 1 Destination

Kirk Herbstreit thinks a team could be out of the playoff.

ESPN's College GameDay announced its Week 1 location this weekend. The popular show will be heading to South Bend for Michigan-Notre Dame.

It is a strong choice. That's one of the biggest, if not the biggest games of opening weekend, and it will take place in a great on-campus environment.

There's also a special anniversary aspect to GameDay's decision. The show is celebrating its 25th anniversary of being on the road this fall, and the very first on-location GameDay took place at Notre Dame in 1993.

The game that day was the "Game of the Century" between top-ranked Florida State and No. 2 Notre Dame. This one won't have quite the same high stakes, but it is important nonetheless.

Kirk Herbstreit seems pretty excited with the decision. Here's how he reacted to the news on Twitter yesterday.

"It’s OFFICIAL. Week 1 headed to South Bend!!! Here we go!!!!!!" Herbstreit said.

We're just as pumped as you are, Kirk. We're less than four weeks away from the start of college football season.

Michigan and Notre Dame will kick off at 7:30 p.m. ET on NBC on Sept. 1.