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Klay Thompson Not Happy With Charles Barkley

Klay Thompson addressing the media.

HOUSTON, TX - MAY 28: Klay Thompson #11 of the Golden State Warriors speaks to the media after their 101 to 92 iwn over the Houston Rockets in Game Seven of the Western Conference Finals of the 2018 NBA Playoffs at Toyota Center on May 28, 2018 in Houston, Texas. (Photo by Bob Levey/Getty Images)

During the Golden State Warriors' 134-105 loss to the Phoenix Suns on Tuesday, Klay Thompson was ejected from the game.

After the game, TNT's Charles Barkley suggested Thompson was frustrated because he's not the same player he used to be prior to injuries.

“There was a time when Klay Thompson was the best two-way guard in the NBA, and he’s not the same guy,” Barkley said. “And that’s because of injuries. Now, is he done? No, I don’t think he’s done. I think he’s slowing down and it’s catching up with him. That’s why he’s frustrated.”

Barkley's comments went viral and Thompson caught win of them this week.

"It hurts when Charles Barkley, you know, someone with the platform he has says you're not the same player prior to the injuries you had," he said via Warriors on NBCS.

"It's like, 'no duh, man.' I just tore my ACL and my Achilles in consecutive years and still helped the team win a championship. I mean, it hurt hearing that."

Athletes don't often share their honest emotions, but Thompson did just that this week.

Good for him.