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Lawyer Offers Update On Case Against Deshaun Watson

Houston Texans QB Deshaun Watson walking off the field after a game against the Philadelphia Eagles in 2018.

PHILADELPHIA, PA - DECEMBER 23: Deshaun Watson #4 of the Houston Texans walks off the field after the game against the Philadelphia Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field on December 23, 2018 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Eagles defeated the Texans 32-30. (Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Just as it has over the course of the past few weeks, new information involving the sexual assault allegations against Deshaun Watson continued to roll in this evening.

On Tuesday night, the lawyer in charge of the mass collection of lawsuits against the Houston Texans quarterback, Tony Buzbee, gave an update on the ongoing situation. With a long-winded post on Instagram, Buzbee highlighted some key details in the case.

As one of the biggest ongoing stories in the world of sports and pop culture, Buzbee's team of lawyers has been overwhelmed with media requests.

This post is the team's response to some of their most frequently asked questions:

The first major news from the statement was the announcement of two newly-filed public cases -- mounting the running total to a whopping 21 cases filed by Buzbee's team.

Next, Buzbee addressed relations issues with the Houston Police Department. According to the statement, the women involved in the lawsuit filings have been "roundly criticized" for failing to file formal criminal charges with the HPD. Buzbee explained the lack of police involvement, siting a personal conflict of interest.

"When I ran for Houston mayor against the CURRENT mayor, I called for the resignation of the former police chief," Buzbee wrote. "I was thus reluctant initially in these important cases to provide info to HPD, at least while Art Acevedo was the Police Chief—even though my brother in law is a long-term HPD officer."

Even though his personal conflict of interest, police chief Art Acevedo, is now gone -- Buzbee worries there still may been some lingering bias in the force.

As a result, Buzbee's team will not be providing the HPD with any further evidence.

"Mr. Acevedo has now left Houston for Miami. Yet, I’ve since learned that my legal opponent, Mr. Hardin, has a son who is on of the exclusive Command Staff of HPD," Buzbee wrote. "I am not saying in any way that Deshaun Watson’s lawyer, Mr. Hardin, has a son who has a position that would compromise HPD and its investigation. I support his service, along with all Houston police officers.

"But, I am saying that me and my clients will go elsewhere to provide our evidence to investigative authorities."

Stay tuned for updates on the ongoing situation.