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LeBron James Would Consider A Career In Media: Fans React

LeBron James holding a microphone on Media Day.

EL SEGUNDO, CA - SEPTEMBER 24: LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers speaks to the media during the Los Angeles Lakers Media Day at the UCLA Health Training Center on September 24, 2018 in El Segundo, California. (Photo by Harry How/Getty Images)

LeBron James has nearly infinite options ahead of him once he finally decides to retire from playing basketball. One of those options is a media career, which he isn't opposed to.

Appearing on The Shop, LeBron said that while he'd like to own an NBA team (preferably in Las Vegas), media does appeal to him. He highlighted the recent blockbuster deal that Tom Brady signed with FOX for when he retires.

"I don't know. I'm watching that stuff a little bit," LeBron said. "When I saw how much Tom Brady signed for, you’re goddamn right I did."

NBA fans seem to love the idea of LeBron becoming a media member. A lot of them think that his basketball knowledge will put any other analyst to shame:

We all know that LeBron James has a big personality. He's been trying to prove it to a wider audience through movie and TV appearances over the past few years.

LeBron can potentially kill several birds with one stone too. Getting a media career on a major network will not only give him a substantial salary, it will potentially give him a bigger platform for some of his other projects and social justice endeavors.

But there are other post-NBA careers where he can make just as much of an impact. He certainly isn't limited to just the one.

What do you think LeBron James' next career should be?