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Brian Windhorst Says He's Been "Assured" LeBron Hasn't Talked To Kawhi Leonard

LeBron James hugs Kawhi Leonard after a game.

LeBron James' free agency is the major story this NBA offseason. However, the San Antonio Spurs possibly trading Kawhi Leonard is a close second.

The latest information seems to indicate the Spurs are more than willing to trade Leonard if they find the right package. The Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics are said to be "engaged" with San Antonio, and the Philadelphia 76ers are internally discussing the possibility of a deal as well.

On Thursday, a report from NBA insider Jordan Schultz said LeBron and Kawhi have talked about playing together. Many have speculated that both could win up on the Lakers.

But before fans of the purple and gold get too excited, ESPN's Brian Windhorst has shared some info that conflicts with Schultz's report.

Appearing on ESPN Cleveland, Windhorst said he's "been assured" the two haven't spoken.

If we had to take a guess here, it is clear that everyone knows something, but no one knows anything at the same time.

That's usually how things go in the NBA offseason, particularly when there are major players deciding on their future.

NBA free agency officially opens up on Sunday.