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Longtime College Football Coach Arrested: Fans React

A generic picture of three footballs next to a pylon

Earlier this week, legendary college football coach Hal Mumme was reportedly arrested in Kentucky.

According to WKYT, Mumme was arrested this morning at the Hyatt hotel in Lexington, Kentucky. The report states that Mumme was asked to leave the building, but allegedly refused the request.

Mumme then reportedly got "physical" during the effort to remove him from the premises. Police cited the longtime coach for criminal trespassing and resisting arrest.

While the situation isn't ideal, it certainly could have been much worse. With that in mind, the college football world couldn't help but produce a few jokes about the situation.

"Never running the ball is an arrest-able offense," one fan said.

"Hal Mumme has no defense for this kind of behavior. No defense…" said another fan.

"When you run an Air Raid offense you live dangerously," said a third fan.

The longtime coach was one of the innovators of the air-raid offense, which obviously led to plenty of the jokes above. Mumme parlayed success at smaller schools like Iowa Wesleyan and Valdosta State into the head coaching job at Kentucky in 1997. 

Hopefully Mumme has learned from his offense and will avoid scenarios like this in the future.