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Look: A-Rod Reveals What He'd Change About Baseball

A-rod (Alex Rodriguez) knows what he'd change about baseball if he were commissioner.

He had six bullet points during a segment about "If A-Rod was commissioner for a day" and the first one is about the strike zone. Rodriguez would make the strike zone wider and less tall.

Perhaps that would allow umpires to make better calls and for the fans to not want "robot umps" in the game soon.

He also would have it be an illegal defense where one foot is on the dirt.

Rodriguez would also want all of the cameras opened up for all 60 batting cages. That could give an insight into how players do when they're practicing, potentially.

He'd want people to access everything from their phones, which means more content for them to view, plus only allow a maximum of 10 pitchers on a roster.

Finally, he'd want some pretty good entertainment on television when games are broadcast, like the NFL's halftime shows and the NBA shows.

Perhaps Rob Manfred could implement a couple of these ideas at some point.