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Look: Awkward Moment Between College Football Analysts Going Viral

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Who knew the Farm Rich Halftime Report could get so savage?

Previewing some of the upcoming matchups at the halftime break between Vanderbilt and Florida, the SEC studio crew had a lighthearted exchange about Ben Watson's choice of a light-colored suit this Saturday.

Watson replied that, "As long as I get the text from my wife that I look good [that's all that matters." Opening the door for colleague Peter Burns to make a joke that the former Georgia Bulldog didn't appreciate.

Here's how fans reacted to the viral moment on Twitter:

"Outta pocket," a user cried.

"When Ben Watson returned from commercial break, and respond to the question with 'huh?' I knew something real just went down," another pointed-out.

"Oh wow .. Peter Burns was disrespectful.. yep nope."

"RIP Peter Burns - he never came back," another tweeted.

"Bruh no way."

"'Ain’t nothing but a lil bit of straighten.'"