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Look: Awkward Peter King, Josh Allen Moment Goes Viral

josh allen warms up for a Buffalo Bills game against the Tennessee Titans in October 2018.

BUFFALO, NY - OCTOBER 07: Quarterback Josh Allen #17 of the Buffalo Bills warms up before playing against the Tennessee Titans at New Era Field on October 7, 2018 in Buffalo, New York. (Photo by Patrick McDermott/Getty Images)

NFL columnist Peter King is in upstate New York for training camp with the Buffalo Bills today. It was there he had one of his most viral moments ever during an interview with Josh Allen.

At the end of the interview, the Bills quarterback extended his hand to King for a handshake. But in a stunning turn of events, King snubbed Allen to continue his reporting.

King left Allen hanging for 7-8 seconds before turning back to him and getting that handshake. Allen and King both had a big laugh at the end. 

The clip has gone viral with over 240,000 views this this morning. Some of the comments and replies to the scene are downright genius though. Take a look:

"I’m (dead). He cracks me up “OPE!” And just held it with a big smile," one fan replied.

"Glad I'm not the only one who ends up in awkward situations like this," wrote another.

"Zero pocket awareness," Brady Quinn tweeted. 

"It’s just so funny that this dude is such a goofball and then such an assassin on Sundays."

Peter King has been around the NFL a long time. But it's hard to remember the last time he trolled another NFL player that hard. 

King and Josh Allen are both national treasures though. That interaction was just future evidence of how chill they both are.