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Look: Bad Sportsmanship Displayed In USFL Game Sunday

USFL bad sportsmanship

A strange play occurred during Sunday's USFL contest between the Tampa Bay Bandits and New Orleans Breakers.

Defensive back Antonio Reed knocked down an opposing player attempting to block. Rather than immediately diverting his attention to the play, Reed momentarily sat on the player's head.

There's little precedent when it comes to handing out punishments in the nascent league. However, one would think the USFL will penalize Reed for such a blatantly unnecessary act.

Nobody can make the case the former Nebraska Huskies safety accidentally fell. He clearly stopped and stood over the Breakers player before sitting on his head.

Making matters worse, the Breakers have a commanding 31-3 lead over the Bandits late in the fourth quarter at Protective Stadium.

This isn't the NFL, but the USFL isn't "NFL Blitz" either. It's not the image the respawned league wants to present two weeks into its relaunch.