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Look: Bears Fans' Group Outfit Is Going Viral On Sunday

There's a roaming group of Mike Ditka's in the greater-Atlanta area, which may be one of the most wholesome ways to celebrate a bachelor party in 2022.

The brother of Bleav Network's Jaryd Wilson went viral on Sunday after a group shot was shared on Twitter.

"My brother is in Atlanta this weekend for a bachelor party and they’re going to the Bears-Falcons game today like this," Wilson said. "Incredible."

Safe to say people were loving it.

"Epic!" a user replied.

"Incredible!" tweeted ESPN's Dustin Fox.

"Sitting next to that group for 3 hours would be my personal hell," another fan commented.

"Ditka. . .Polish Sausage. . .Bears. . .Ditka. . ."

"This is pretty strong!!!!" tweeted AJC beat writer D. Orlando Ledbetter.

"This is spectacular!"

“'Ok who wins in a fight, one Ditka or two Ditkas?'

‘Obviously two Ditkas'

'So you’re saying Coach Ditka is capable of losing a fight?'

‘No wait. That’s not what I meant’

'Ok next question. Who wins: an army of Ditkas or an army of Anti-Ditkas? & the Anti-Ditkas are also Ditkas.'”

Hard to top this one.