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Look: Bob Stoops' Comment On Lincoln Riley Is Going Viral

Bob Stoops shakes hands after an epic Bedlam win vs. Oklahoma State.

NORMAN, OK - NOVEMBER 24: Head Coach Bob Stoops of the Oklahoma Sooners shakes hands after the game against the Oklahoma State Cowboys November 24, 2012 at Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium in Norman, Oklahoma. Oklahoma defeated Oklahoma State 51-48 in overtime. (Photo by Brett Deering/Getty Images)

Lincoln Riley may reside in the state of California now, but his mentor Bob Stoops let Boomer Sooner know all is not lost.

Saying Tuesday, “Lincoln Riley didn’t invent Oklahoma football,” from the House Floor via KWTV-News 9's Storme Jones.

The former OU head coach's comments made the rounds on Twitter shortly after it was sent out. "Program Guy," replied's Eddie Radosevich.

"I do want to say, from the perspective of an OSU alum and fan, this is epic," commented one user.

"OU Football is the 4th branch of government," replied another fan.

"Bob Stoops speaking truth."

"#Sooners," tweeted John E. Hoover.

"Bob doin Mecca things," replied another Oklahoma fan.

"Oklahoma is definitely over it and the media just keeps bringing it up," commented Richard Johnson.

“'WE WON THE DIVORCE' Sooners keep screaming into a void as the ex gets some sun at the beach," tweeted college sports insider Mike Craven.

"Generational amounts of cope folks."

"LET IT GO," replied JP Acosta. "JESUS."

"Going out sad," another user said of Bob Stoops.

"Texas and Oklahoma do not have SEC mindsets as programs," remarked another. "I still think their move to the conference is gonna be a disaster."

"I love him so much," commented Haley Hughey.

"As a petty sports fan, I appreciate how poorly Oklahoma is taking getting dumped by Lincoln Riley," said another user.

The OU faithful appear to be rallying behind Bob Stoops' comments.

It's early, but Oklahoma is currently projected to rank No. 20 in the nation under Brent Venables in his first year in Norman.