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Look: Bret Bielema Takes Shot At Officials After Loss To Michigan

Bret Bielema reacts on the field for Illinois.

CHAMPAIGN, IL - AUGUST 28: Illinois Fighting Illini head coach Bret Bielema reacts after a play during the Big Ten Conference college football game between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Illinois Fighting Illini on August 28, 2021, at Memorial Stadium in Champaign, Illinois. (Photo by Michael Allio/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Illinois' Bret Bielema couldn't help himself from taking a shot at officials following his team's close loss to Michigan on Saturday.

In the final minute, the Wolverines were able to convert a huge first down to set up what would eventually be the game-winning field goal. But a huge part of that was what appeared to be a pick play to spring Isaiah Gash open.

After the game, Bielema took to Twitter with an "apology" to Illini fans. Announcing, "To all #ILL players, coaches and especially for our fans…. We will work all week in practice to defend this play especially on 4th down."

The coach's tweet began to go viral around the college football world.

"Imagine being a D1 coach tweeting this out," a Michigan fan said. "When you send your film into B1G, add the holds and DPI from your team as well."

"My coach!" an Illinois supporter replied. "Refs have been awful the last few weeks but man did the refs hand this game to Michigan on a silver platter. Very unfortunate."

"Illinois fans still aren’t over Sean Higgins 'pushing off' in 1989," another commented. "This will become part of their grievance complex with Michigan. Let a hundred Muck Fishigan shirts blossom."

"Lmaooooooooo more like Bret BieLema folks."

"Get on the bus and stfu Bret."

This'll be one they won't soon forget in Champaign.