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Look: Colin Cowherd Has A Warning For College Football

Colin Cowherd talks Russell Wilson trade rumors.


If USC football was a stock, Colin Cowherd would be taking out a second mortgage to buy as much as he could. Why? Two names: Lincoln Riley and Caleb Williams.

The Trojans have entered a new era this offseason. They hired Riley away from Oklahoma and then landed Williams via the transfer portal. It's a strong start as USC attempts to revive itself and become a giant in the sport again.

It's tough to envision USC becoming that giant as soon as this upcoming season. The Trojans still have plenty of holes and may not get past either Utah or Oregon in the Pac-12. But make no mistake: USC is going to be relevant again very soon.

Cowherd warned the rest of college football on Monday about the current and future state of USC football.

"Folks, this is going to be gigantic," he said. "They're going to be really good, really fast."

USC has its star quarterback and an offensive guru at head coach. It has a number of talented wideouts and running backs. But that's not all it takes to be a great college football team.

Georgia just won the national championship with a historic defense. The Trojans are still a mess on that side of the ball.

It's going to take a few years to get the engine going at USC. But once it does, the Trojans are going to be dominant.