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Look: Couple In Viral Video From College Basketball Game Identified

Last week, a pair of college basketball fans went viral on social media for an unintentionally-hilarious video captured at a Boston College hoops game.

The couple in the video has since been identified.

Max Kassner, the fan rocking a black-and-white striped referee jersey, showed his Costco membership card to Paige Fleming, who examined the card with a hilarious look of approval.

Kassner and Fleming had just met at the game through mutual friends.

“It was just really funny because I just had no idea that I was on camera, and it was perfectly captured,” Fleming said, per The Heights.

“Every 15 minutes, another one of my friends would come up to me and be like ‘Oh it’s here now,’” Kassner added, referencing the countless social media accounts that reposted the video. “It was just a wild day.” 

Kassner and Fleming are still riding their new-found fame. They appeared on the big screen at Conte Forum for Boston College's game against Maine on Monday night.