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Look: Dan Dakich Reacts To Shocking Jay Wright News

espn college basketball analyst dan dakich


The sports world got some shocking news on Wednesday night as longtime Villanova men's basketball coach Jay Wright called it a career.

There were no rumors going into the offseason that Wright was contemplating retirement, but it didn't matter.

Wright will retire with two National Championships and 520 wins while coaching at Villanova.

Shortly after the news came out, Dan Dakich had his reaction and he doesn't like where college basketball is trending.

"Jay Wright retiring is absolutely a sign that College Hoops is spiraling towards organizing AAU," Dakich tweeted. "I betcha next year a Dad comes out of the stands at a coach or ref."

The second part is unlikely to happen, but it's still a fascinating reaction.

Perhaps Wright is a bit tired of the year-long grind that college basketball is. He has to re-recruit his roster every year since there's no rule that a player has to stay at least two seasons to be draft eligible.

In any case, Wright will be handing the keys over to Kyle Neptune of Fordham.