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Look: Deion Sanders Asked His Players About Chris Rock

Deion Sanders coaching for Jackson State.

MONTGOMERY, AL - MARCH 20: Head Coach Deion Sanders talk with his quarterback Jalon Jones #4 of the Jackson State Tigers during a time out during the game against the Alabama State Hornets at New ASU Stadium on March 20, 2021 in Montgomery, Alabama. Alabama State Hornets defeated the Jackson State Tigers 35 to 28. (Photo by Don Juan Moore/Getty Images)

Deion Sanders got behind the camera at Jackson State football practice Tuesday and had one question for his players and staff: "If you were Chris Rock, how would you have handled 'The Slap?'"

The answers to Coach Prime's question were wide-ranging, with some saying they'd handle the infamous Oscar moment like Rock did; and others going a different route. One coach said he'd handle it, "Just like [Rock] did. Then we might go backstage and have some words." With another member of the staff saying, "Aw man, I don't know If I coulda took that slap like that on national TV." While a couple others said "You know I'm from Miami, so... it might've gotten a little rough." And that "Chris Rock is a better man than me."

The players were more apt to retaliate. Tigers QB Shedeur Sanders said he'd smack Will Smith in the back of the head when he turned around.

Or the best answer: "There would've been some lice moving."

If you ask Deion Sanders himself, it would've never even gotten that far. He'd already have one foot back, ready to launch.