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Look: ESPN NFL Analyst Taking Heat For Being Too Mean

ESPN's Ryan Clark trolls FS1's Chris Broussard during NFL Live.


On Monday night, the Seattle Seahawks stunned the football world by upsetting the Denver Broncos.

Russell Wilson's return to Seattle was spoiled after the Broncos coaching staff made a few mental errors in the final minute of the game. Oh, and the fact that Denver fumbled on the goal line - twice.

After the game was over, ESPN's Ryan Clark joined Scott Van Pelt to break down the game. During the segment, the former NFL defensive back laid into Seahawks backup quarterback Drew Lock, even though he didn't play a snap on Monday night.

"Here's what very important about this play. I want y'all to look this guy right here," Clark said while circling a player on the Seahawks sideline. "This guy is Drew Lock. As long as Drew Lock is standing in this place because Geno Smith is playing very well, that's the best-case scenario for the Seattle Seahawks."

Fans thought Clark was being a bit harsh.

"That was cold, unnecessary, and funny as hell," one fan said.

"He not wrong...but he definitely foul for that," said another.

What do you think about Clark's comments?