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Look: Fans Are Crushing Nick Saban For Postgame Interview On Saturday

Alabama head coach Nick Saban with Jenny Dell on Saturday.

Nick Saban isn't a fan of what sideline reporter Jenny Dell asked him following Alabama's big win over Arkansas this Saturday afternoon. 

Dell began the postgame interview about the Crimson Tide's resiliency, especially after losing quarterback Bryce Young to injury. 

Saban must have something in his ears because he seems to take issue with the question, despite the fact his answer reflects exactly what Dell asks. 

"reporter: “talk to me about your team’s resiliency today” Saban: *ignores question about the team* Saban: 'how dare you not ask me about our team on a day like today' always mad at the media about something," said Warren Sharp on Twitter.

That's a perfectly fine question from Jenny Dell. Nick Saban clearly had his answer pre-determined. 

"He probably had that answer pre-planned & didn’t expect her to ask a decent question," a fan said. 

"Saban’ a schtick has worn so thin man. Always looking for something to pick and issue with like bro shut up," another fan wrote. 

A bit of an odd response from Nick Saban, but this is nothing new. 

Well done, Jenny.