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Look: Fans Upset With ESPN NBA Pregame Show Topic

Mike Greenberg on NBA Countdown.


Game 7 between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat was about to get underway on Sunday night, but you wouldn't know it based on a pregame show topic. 

ESPN was discussing LeBron James heading into next season and what the expectations for him should be moving forward. It'll be his 20th NBA season as he's currently 37 years old.  

Fans weren't pleased with this topic since a berth to the NBA Finals was on the line between these two teams. 

It's understandable why fans would be upset about this. They want to hear an analysis about this massive game and what both teams need to do in order to win it. 

It also doesn't get better than Game 7 so when time is being spent on offseason topics, it feels a bit cheap to some people. 

The Celtics ended up winning that game over the Heat, 100-96. They'll now play the Warriors in the NBA Finals.