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Look: Football Fans Are Furious Over Youth Practice Drill

A generic picture of three footballs next to a pylon

A little kid got run over during a practice drill in a youth league. 

The kid was going one-on-one with a ball carrier and he got absolutely truck-sticked. It looked like he was able to get up, albeit a bit slowly. 

Some football fans aren't happy with the tackler getting bullied like this, especially in a youth league.

"I implore y'all to take y'all kids out of programs that do drills like this. This literally has no translation to an actual football situation. It's dangerous for no reason," one person tweeted.

"Please stop putting your children in this damn sport. Stop stop stop," another fan tweeted.

"Watching this and thinking about the boxer I wrote about last week who had over 70 pro fights while he was still in high school. His parents refused to let him play football because they thought it was too dangerous," one writer said.

Hopefully, this drill won't be used again by the head coach.