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Look: Former NFL Stadium Is Currently On Fire

A general shot of RFK Stadium, the former home of Washington's football team.

(Photo by Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post via Getty Images)

Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium, commonly known as RFK Stadium, was on fire this Tuesday afternoon. Photos of black smoke coming out of the venue surfaced on social media. 

Per Ellie Hall of BuzzFeed News, firefighters had to use saws to enter the stadium. Once they got that job done, they were able to carry the hose inside. 

Judging by the photos and videos that Hall shared on Twitter, it appears the majority of the smoke was coming from the southwest side of the stadium. 

An official update on RFK Stadium hasn't been issued yet.

RFK Stadium has plenty of history when it comes to hosting sporting events. 

Not only was RFK Stadium the home of the Washington Commanders, it held games for professional soccer teams and MLB All-Star Games.

RFK Stadium has also been used for a plethora of boxing matches and concerts over the past few decades. 

Hopefully, RFK Stadium didn't sustain a serious amount of damage from the fire.