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Look: Insane Minor League Baseball Throw Is Going Viral

Minor league baseball throw

With hundreds of minor league baseball teams around the country, there's always bound to be at least one player who can make an amazing play that sends everyone into a frenzy. That play came this weekend for outfielder Dylan Harris.

During a recent game between the Bowie Baysox and Akron RubberDucks, an Akron player hit a ball deep into the outfield, where the ball was caught by Harris. But with a base runner making a break for home plate, Harris chucked the ball as hard as he could to the catcher.

Stunningly, the ball arced perfectly for the catcher to make the grab and tag the runner. What made the throw even more amazing was that Harris was running in the opposite direction of where he was throwing to. That was all arm strength.

Baseball fans could hardly believe their eyes at the amazing play. Their comments reflect that:

"Wait what?!? In the air running that direction?!?" one fan replied. To which another said, "Mahomes like."

"Oh. My. God." wrote another.

"Holy s-t, Across the body too," a third wrote.

That throw is reminiscent of a legendary play made by Bo Jackson in 1989 with the Kansas City Royals.

You can argue that either one is more impressive. Jackson made his throw flat-footed, while Dylan Harris made his with negative momentum.

Either way, that could be a SportsCenter Top 10 moment for the minor league outfielder.