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Look: Jemele Hill's Mother's Day Tweet Is Going Viral

Jemele Hill looks off into the distance during a virtual conference.

VARIOUS CITIES - MARCH 16: In this screengrab, Jemele Hill speaks at the featured session “Impacts of Activism” during SXSW Online on March 16, 2021. (Photo by SXSW/Getty Images)

Jemele Hill put out a tweet on Mother's Day that almost everyone can relate to.

Hill put out a tweet that touched on how everyone probably signed their cards for their mothers right before they walked in the door.

"Shout out to all the folks who filled out their Mother’s Day card right before they walked in their momma’s house," Hill tweeted. "Your heroism has not gone unnoticed."

There's no doubt that this happened numerous times around the world today since a lot of people go and get cards at the last minute. 

It's the perfect way to procrastinate, even when work isn't involved. 

As some people like to say, it's a yearly tradition!