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Look: Jeopardy! Contestant Has Embarrassing NASCAR Answer

Jeopardy! logo before the game.


The contestants who compete on Jeopardy! are some of the smartest people in the world.

However, they tend to have one weakness on the show - sports questions. That was the case this week when a NASCAR question was tossed out.

One contestant selected the category "Budweiser and Sports" and another was not ready for the question to follow.

"This NASCAR prince drove the No. 8 car for Budweiser and ordered loads of the brew for his friends at his North Carolina compound," the answer read. There was also a photo that accompanied the reading.

A female contestant responded, throwing out Richard Petty's name. She was very, very wrong.

Check it out.

Thankfully, the contestant who initially picked the category said the correct response.