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Look: Joe Burrow Is Set To Break An Impressive NFL Record

Joe Burrow is set to etch his name into the NFL history books on Monday night.

Once he reaches 1,500 career pass attempts, Burrow is eligible for the all-time pass competition record.

With 1,488 passes thrown, the Cincinnati Bengals star currently boasts a 68.48 completion percentage. As soon as he throws his 12th pass attempt on Monday, he'll surpass Drew Brees' all-time record of 67.69%.

Even if all 12 of his first passes are incomplete (highly unlikely), he'll still set the new NFL record.

Once he sets this new mark, Burrow will look to preserve it through the remainder of what will likely be a long NFL career.

The 11-4 Bengals are in a neck-and-neck race with the Baltimore Ravens for No. 1 position in the AFC North. They'll face off against the Buffalo Bills in a primetime matchup on Monday night.