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Look: Kirk Herbstreit Releases His New Top 6 Rankings

Kirk Herbstreit on the set of college gameday.

Kirk Herbstreit.

Kirk Herbstreit has had a pretty busy last couple of days between his Thursday Night Football and College GameDay duties. But he started this Sunday as he often does: With an updated ranking.

On Sunday, Herbstreit revealed his new top six rankings following Week 3 of the college football season. There weren't many changes from last week though.

Two SEC and two Big Ten teams made up his first two and latter two respectively. He had Georgia at No. 1, followed by Alabama, then Ohio State and finally Michigan. Those picks are pretty in line with what the Associated Press had in its latest ranking.

The only real difference was the two teams he had in his "next two." Herbstreit gave the fifth slot to Oklahoma and the sixth spot to USC.

Clemson fans will probably be upset since the Associated Press voted them fifth. But Michigan haters didn't love seeing them in the top four either given their weak schedule:

"Michigan? Get serious. Who have they played?" one user replied.

"I’m really trying to understand why UM is ranked so high when they have played absolutely no one so far. I don’t get it one bit," wrote another.

"How is Michigan at 4. They have played nobody…." a fourth said.

Week 4 offers some tougher matchups for most of the teams in Herbie's ranking though. Michigan will play Iowa while USC play an undefeated Oregon State team.

Who do you think should have been on Kirk Herbstreit's top six ranking?