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Look: Kyrie Irving Responds To Growing Free Agency Rumors

Amid the growing speculation surrounding Kyrie Irving and his future with the Brooklyn Nets, Complex News' Pierce Simpson caught up with the star point guard on the BET Awards red carpet to ask him the question that every NBA fan is wondering.

"Do you want to be a Brooklyn Net still?"

To which Irving smiled and looked over to his stepmom and agent standing by his side. "Pass it... pass it to my left," Kyrie laughed.

After the clip was published online, Uncle Drew popped up in the comments section with a couple of remarks.

"Welcome to the 'New Media,'" Irving said. Adding, "When I smile like that, it means there's more to the story. I'll have my time to address things."

The seven-time All-Star reportedly has until Wednesday to make a decision on his player-option with the Nets. According to reports, Kyrie has asked for and been granted permission to pursue sign-and-trade partners.

However, according to ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski, outside of the Lakers there isn't much known interest in a sign-and-trade for the all-world talent.