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Look: Mel Kiper Reveals His Pre-NFL Draft Meal

Mel Kiper gives NFL Draft analysis on ESPN.


For someone trusted to deliver sound NFL Draft analysis, Mel Kiper Jr. has some quirky habits.

The ESPN scouting guru has often discussed his love for pumpkin pie. Last year, he told ESPN Daily's Pablo Torre that he eats the dessert for breakfast "as many times as I possibly can."

He told Steve Serby of the New York Post that this love started over three decades ago in the mid-to-late '80s. Ever since, pumpkin pie with fat-free whipped cream became "a staple of my breakfast."

So why would Kiper change things up on his biggest day of the year?

Before Round 1 commences Thursday night, Kiper started the day with his signature dish.

That's not his only strange eating ritual. Kiper also takes the cheese off his pizza and replaces it with mashed potatoes. Those who haven't stopped reading to gag may also be interested to know that he's never used an ATM card and still watches DVDs of Dallas and Johnny Carson's The Tonight Show at the times they originally aired.

Kiper can keep eating pumpkin pie and mashed-potato pizza at home, as he'll cover the draft remotely because he's unvaccinated from COVID-19.