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Look: Mike Golic Reacts To His Daughter Getting Married

Mike Golic and his daughter, Sydney.

Getty Images.

The Golic family added a new member this weekend as Mike Golic's daughter, Sydney, married Ben Braunecker. And you'd better believe that Mike is one proud papa today.

Braunecker and Sydney Golic got engaged in July 2020 after several years together. They finally tied the knot this past Saturday.

Taking to Twitter last night, Golic retweeted his wife Christine, who posted a photo of the couple at their wedding dinner. He said that it was an "incredible evening" and praised his wife for doing the wedding planning.

"Incredible evening, beautiful couple……and yes @ndmom is the patriots of wedding planning!!!!!!" Golic tweeted.

Like Mike Golic, Ben Braunecker is a former NFL player. He played tied end for the Chicago Bears for four years after graduating from Harvard in 2016. Braunecker had 13 receptions for 142 yards and a touchdown in 47 NFL games.

Sydney Golic was a college athlete as well. She was a swimmer at Notre Dame - her father's alma mater.

Now the entire Golic family has football ties when you factor in Mike's two sons, Mike Jr. and Jake Golic.

2022 has been a pretty big year for the Golic family: Mike Golic is now a top NBC NFL analyst, Mike Jr. is continuing to get bigger and bigger roles at ESPN, and Sydney is getting married.

We wish the Golic family a happy 2022 and beyond.