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Look: MLB Coach Ejected Before Game Started Wednesday

A baseball player holding a baseball with the MLB's logo on it.

One MLB coach somehow got ejected before the game even started on Wednesday afternoon.

Blue Jays hitting coach Guillermo Martinez was delivering the lineup card for their game against the Chicago White Sox and was immediately ejected.

After Martinez was ejected, he got into it with umpire Doug Eddings before finally leaving the field.

There were a lot of bad calls during Tuesday night's game between the Blue Jays and White Sox. Eddings was behind the plate and only had a "called strike accuracy" of 64%. 

25 of 70 called strikes were true balls, according to this diagram.

Baseball fans are appalled at this decision. 

"Baseball is back," one media member said.

"I typically support umpires/referees more than most…they have a tough job. Doug Eddings called the worst game of the season last night and gets to come to work the following day to throw out the Toronto hitting coach. Some of these guys shouldn’t have a job," one fan said. 

Hopefully, Eddings will provide an explanation about this decision at the conclusion of the game.