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Look: NBA On TNT Has Responded To Kevin Durant

Charles Barkley speaks on TNT.


The NBA on TNT crew fired off their response after Kevin Durant's shots at Charles Barkley for his "bus rider" comments.

On Sunday night, Chuck sounded off on KD's playoff performance. Saying, "If you ain't driving the bus, don't walk around talkin' bout you a champion!" in reference to Durant's days in Golden State.

After getting swept by the Celtics, KD woke up and chose violence. Posting to Instagram asking, "Where would Chuck be without the big homies," alongside pictures of Barkley on various teams throughout his career.

Here's what NBA on TNT tweeted out in response to one of Durant's tweets about the show's "army of producers":

Fans reacted to the TNT's picture on Twitter.

"Today's show is about to be WILD."

"Chuck at 7pm," one user replied.

"It's bout to get real petty," another said.

"Funniest broadcast in the history of sports," another predicted.

"I’m not gonna miss one minute of tonight," one viewer commented after the response to Kevin Durant.

"Inside the NBA is gonna be elite tonight."

Can't miss TV, tonight.