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Look: NFL Holder Was Called For Bizarre Penalty On Sunday

nfl referees talk during a game

(Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)

It was only a matter of time before the worst and weirdest of NFL referee calls would become a factor in NFL games. Today's unlucky recipient was a field goal holder no less.

During a field goal attempt by the Chicago Bears, holder Trenton Gill was called for an unsportsman conduct penalty. The reason for the penalty was pretty bizarre though.

Rain has been falling at Soldier Field for today's game against the San Francisco 49ers, making the field conditions very slick and slippery. So Gill brought out a towel to try and dry the ground in front of the kicker. That led to the unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

"Unsportsmanlike conduct. Chicago, number 16," the referee said. "Brought a towel out on the field during the dead-ball period and wiped the field down. By rule that's illegal."

Unfortunately for the Bears, that penalty knocked them out of field goal range. They punted and went into the half trailing 7-0 to the 49ers.

There have been times in NFL history where players have wiped down the area in front of a kicker in order to make it easier to plant the ball for a field goal. But usually players have done that by clearing the area with their feet - not a foreign object like a towel.

Nevertheless, it was a weird scene at Soldier Field on a day that has already seen some bizarreness. 

If the Bears wind up losing the game by a field goal, they'll probably look back on that moment in a rage.