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Look: NFL Players Trashed Stadium's Field Conditions

A field level view of the Carolina Panthers stadium.

(Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images)

Lions players had plenty to say about the field conditions at Bank of America Stadium following the team's 37-23 loss to the Panthers on Saturday.

Per Kyle Meinke of, quarterback Jared Goff said it was "below NFL standards," with first-round pick Aidan Hutchinson going a step further:

"That was the most concrete field I’ve ever been on in my whole life,” the rookie added. “I didn’t think that was actually legal to play on."

Detroit's comments began to go viral over the weekend.

"Every Philadelphia Eagle from the 70s-90s and Michael Irvin..." a fan replied.

"Lions franchise been below NFL standards since before I was born," another commented.

"How voicing concerns over the turf condition is seen as 'excuses for a loss' is insane," another user said. "They were literally asked about the turf. Every week proves to me that American football fans have absolutely 0 empathy or brain cells and only think of teams as entertainment, wins and losses."

"Everyone seems to be bashing the Lions here, but Panthers players have been saying the same s---," another tweeted. "THANKS DAVID TEPPER."

"Bad look when you get creamed…." another fan replied. "I am sure they are telling the truth but had won and were saying it that’s one thing, getting ran over it just comes across as whining."

This isn't the first time comments like these have come up.