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Look: NFL Running Back Proposes A Change To The Draft

A closeup of Kerryon Johnson running with the football.

The NFL Draft is far from a perfect system - a fact the league acknowledges by making tweaks and changes almost every year. But one current NFL player believes one obvious change can be made to the Draft that'll improve things for everyone.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday, free agent running back Kerryon Johnson proposed that players who go undrafted be allowed to return to college if they have eligibility remaining. Under the current model, college football players must forego eligibility to enter the draft if they're underclassmen.

"Idk if anyone else thinks this but Undrafted players should be allowed to go back to college if they still have eligibility left... thoughts?" Johnson wrote.

As with any question that may impact the college football game, the reaction is very mixed. While some people believe that college football players should have as many options as possible, others argue that the revolving door makes recruiting harder for coaches and may hurt the game:

There is no denying that the current system punishes college athletes who leave school early and don't get drafted. Whether that punishment is appropriate or not is up for debate.

The NFL and college football don't always work hand-in-hand or see eye-to-eye on eligibility issues. The two entities have different goals and different ways of achieving those goals.

But maybe we will see more calls for changes to the rules in the years to come. It's not likely to happen in the coming decade due to the current CBA rules, but never say never.

What do you think of Kerryon Johnson's idea?