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Look: NFL World Reacts To Colts Owner's Prediction

Pro sports franchises are among the most coveted assets in all of business. Rarely do they come up for sale and when they do, bids between billionaires get ultra-competitive.

And while no NFL teams are currently for sale, Colts owner Jim Irsay revealed in an interview with Bloomberg that could change in 2024. 

When discussing teams that could be up for sale in the coming years, Irsay said:

There’s going to be a few. Seattle — with Paul Allen my friend unfortunately passing away and that team is in a trust — is going to become available I’d imagine in the 2024 range.

The NFL world reacted to Irsay's projection on social media.

Irsay went on to say that he understands that team valuations are skyrocketing and the challenges presented by that, but said it's not a purchase anyone would regret.

I know where franchise values are going. And one thing we do know is there’s a high interest out there for people that fell short of the Broncos. There’s some really great people that are capable but the problem now is finding people that have the net worth that can actually buy a team. It’s very difficult. ... You’ll never regret the price you paid for the team. Anyone that got [the Broncos] for under $8 billion, they got them for a heck of a deal.