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Look: NFL World Reacts To Controversial 'Body Slam' Penalty

nfl referees talk during a game

(Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)

Washington Commanders DL John Ridgeway drew an easy 15-yarder in Sunday's game against the Texans after putting a WWE move on fellow rookie Dameon Pierce well after the whistle was blown.

The play caused a bit of controversy among NFL fans. With some believing that the Ridgeway should've been ejected for the body slam.

"Man power bombed his ass," a fan replied.

"Should of been ejected," another replied.

"Possessed by the spirit of Albert Haynesworth."

"The crazy thing about this was when Ridgeway flexed afterwards, like he'd just shown the dean exactly what he thinks of nerds being allowed at the greek intramurals," tweeted Seth C. Payne.

"This happened to my friend when we saw Metallica in Miami."

"Bugging, could’ve broke his neck," another pointed out.

"Unnecessary roughness" but he clearly made sure his opponent got a full rotation for a safe flat back bump. A true veteran in the squared circle."

"Extremely dangerous?: Definitely. That being said, John Ridgeway with a flawless gut-wrench suplex."

Where do you fall on the Ridgeway play?