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Look: Nick Wright Admits He Had 'Most Regrettable' Take

Cris Carter and Nick Wright posing for a photo together.

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When you have strong opinions, occasionally they'll come back to bite you. And that's exactly what happened to FOX Sports 1 personality Nick Wright to start the week.

After the Warriors went up 3-0 in the Western Conference Finals on Wright's Dallas Mavericks, behind a monster performance from Golden State's Andrew Wiggins; Wright was forced to face the music on a "First Things First" take from two years ago:

Andrew Wiggins is a bad basketball player. He’s owed $95 million over the next three years, starting next year. It’s unspeakable [the Warriors] did this. … It’s over for them now. We will never see [Stephen Curry] in another NBA Finals, ever. They have no path forward.

Unfortunately for Wright, not only did the take age like milk. But, it began resurfacing on social media after Wiggins 27-point outburst and monster dunk over Wright's "large adult Slovenian son" Luka Doncic.

And while the dynastic Warriors did blow a 3-1 lead in the NBA Finals, it's unlikely that the Dubs will drop four straight games to Dallas in this series.

To Nick Wright's credit, he took his arrows on Twitter with a smile.

"Andrew Wiggins putting the Dubs a game away from the Finals by playing the game of his life officially makes this my most regrettable television take,” he said Sunday. “Everything about this clip has aged the opposite of well!”