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Look: Olivia Dunne Shoots Down College Football Player

LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne

One college football player shot his shot with Olivia Dunne but failed epically. 

Mississippi State safety Jordan Morant tried to pull Dunne prior to the team's Week 3 game against LSU. 

Morant posted a video to his TikTok page of him looking out from his hotel room since the team was in Baton Rouge, which is where Dunne is from. 

In the video, Morant put up a caption that read, "When we play LSU tomorrow and Livy Dunne is out there somewhere."

The Tigers took down the Bulldogs, 31-16, and Morant also got rejected by Dunne when she comment, "good luck but geaux tigahs" on his video. 

Hopefully, he'll be able to bounce back from both of these losses in a timely manner!