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Look: Olivia Dunne's Racy Photoshoot Is Going Viral

LSU gymnast Olivia Dunne on the floor for a gymnastics routine.


LSU Tigers women's gymnast Olivia Dunne certainly knows how to build a following on social media.

Dunne, an All-American gymnast at LSU, has millions of followers across her platforms, with TikTok being her biggest audience - so far, anyway.

The LSU star's Instagram following is likely to creep up quite a bit following Saturday's photoshoot.

Dunne shared a photoshoot on her Instagram page on Saturday that has since gone viral.

"picture this…," she wrote.

Unsurprisingly, the photoshoot has gone viral, with millions of likes across social media platforms.

Dunne and the LSU Tigers gymnastics team, meanwhile, are currently preparing for the 2022 season.